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How to DIY an Easter Basket So Cool Your Kids Won’t Believe You Made It

Sugar string basket

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Image: Apartment Therapy.

This sugar string Easter basket has big wow factor and couldn’t be simpler to make. You blow up a balloon, wrap it in crochet thread, and spoon sugar water over it until all the thread is soaked through. Leave it to dry, and when you pop the balloon, you get a little egg-shaped basket. Cut a hole in the side once it’s completely dried, and fill it with Easter treats. It’s a classier, less messy papier-mâché, if you will. Your kids will love peering inside to see what you’ve hidden. Check out Apartment Therapy’s sugar string basket DIY for the complete how-to.

Fresh flower basket

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Image: Paper N’ Stitch.

How gorgeous is this flower basket? There’s nothing springier than a bunch of freshly picked flowers, and now you can bring that wonderful-smelling essence of spring into your home with these amazing baskets. Mother Nature has done all the hard work for you; all you have to do is super-glue some fresh blooms to a basket, and you’ve got a beautiful transformation. Head over to Paper N’ Stitch for the instructions.

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