Adorable Homemade Easter Baskets You Can DIY in a Snap

As soon as Valentine’s Day is over, we’re assaulted with an explosion of Easter-themed merchandise at practically every store we enter. We’re not exactly complaining — we love us some Peeps and Cadbury Creme Eggs — but the manufactured Easter baskets kind of rub us the wrong way.

Maybe it’s because they’re so tempting. Grabbing a store-bought Easter basket is easy and the shortcut seems to make our already hectic lives a little less stressful — but making a one-of-a-kind Easter basket at home is so much more fulfilling. And honestly, with these tutorials a DIY Easter basket is actually easier and cheaper than buying one. Seriously.

In fact, these inexpensive Easter basket projects are so simple, they are perfect for little hands and short attention spans to help out with if you’re looking for a fun afternoon craft.

1. Strawberry basket Easter basket

Strawberry basket Easter basket
Image: Amy Vowles/SheKnows

This basket is fun to make and weaving the paper builds fine motor skills, too.

What you’ll need:

  • strawberry basket with handle
  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • tape
  • ribbon

What you’ll do:

  1. Cut the construction paper into strips as wide as the basket holes.
  2. Weave the paper in and out of the holes, securing one piece to the next with tape.
  3. Add a ribbon or bow to the top of the handle, and your basket is finished.

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2. Construction paper Easter basket

Construction paper Easter basket
Image: Amy Vowles/SheKnows

Perhaps the most reminiscent basket of childhood is the construction paper basket. All you need are two complementary colors of paper along with some patient cutting, weaving and stapling.

What you’ll need:

  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • stapler

What you’ll do:

  1. Cut the construction paper into 1-inch strips. Make the cuts as consistent as possible.
  2. Lay 10 strips of one color (pink) side by side on a flat surface.
  3. Use 10 strips of the other color (purple) to weave under and over the first set of strips, leaving 1 inch unwoven on each of four sides.
  4. Now you have a flat (pink and purple) checked mat.
  5. Gather together the end strips of one (pink) side and staple. Repeat for the remaining three sides.
  6. Staple another (pink) strip of paper to form a handle between two opposite (purple) sides, and a strip of the other color (purple) to join the remaining (pink) sides.
  7. With one final strip, create a paper bow and staple to the top of the two handles to secure them.
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Updated by Sarah Long 4/4/17


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