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Monday Mom challenge: Find a reason to celebrate

Goodness knows we could all use more joy in our lives. Even if we are intrinsically optimistic, find happiness in the ordinary, there is always room for more joy. And what better way to promote joy than to celebrate. What to celebrate, though? Well, anything really.

Woman and FlowersFinding a reason to celebrate can be a great way to not only appreciate what you have in your life, but also to turn around a bad day.

Create a reason to celebrate

Anything can be a reason to celebrate. Anything. It can be little or big. It can be the first shoots of daffodils in your yard or your child losing a tooth or even getting your entire to-do list done on a given day. It can be your teenager getting through a whole day without talking back at you or maybe your sweetie calling in the middle of the day just to say hello. It can be the plumber telling you that the repair is minor and, actually, you don’t even need a whole new this or that.Look around your house, and think about your day. What was there good today? What little victory occurred? Whatever it is, it’s a reason to celebrate.

Find a holiday or a festival to celebrate

If you can’t seem to identify something in your immediate life, look beyond. Every month, and almost every week or day is national or state something day or week or weekend or month. Look for festivals in far off places. Daffodil days on Nantucket is reason enough, I think, to celebrate even on snowy northern plains. Do some research on why these festivals and commemorations developed; you’ll probably learn something new.

Celebrate simply – or do more

Celebrating doesn’t need to be extravagant – although you can if you want to. The most important part of celebrating is to announce your intentions: “Today we are celebrating Joey getting all but one word right on his spelling test and we’re doing it by having a dinner picnic on the living room floor,” or, “In honor of National Avocado Week, I found this recipe for avocado ice cream and made it.”Celebrating can just mean making some brownies for dessert on a night you typically don’t make dessert, and maybe putting some decorations on it. It can be opening some sparking apple cider for the kids and champagne for the grown ups. It can be blowing up the balloons you have left over from the last birthday party. It can be finding a new recipe. It can be anything, really. Just do it!

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