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10 Large Dog Breeds That Can Be the Perfect Family Dog

4. Standard poodle

Standard poodle
Image: Tracy out west/Flickr

It’s no wonder the standard poodle is often a contributing factor to some cocktails of “designer mutts.” Superiorly intelligent, training the standard poodle is a breeze. It is naturally inclined to be a crowd-pleaser — you’ll be hard-pressed to find an unsatisfied owner of a standard poodle. Just be prepared to devote oodles of attention and playtime to your pet if you ever choose to become the proud owner of a poodle.

Usually only about 2-feet tall, they still only weigh in between 40 and 75 pounds. Better yet, they have one of the longer life spans of larger dogs, often living as long as some smaller dogs, at about 15 years. Even better, they’re generally good with kids, though they may need some extra help accepting a new animal in the house if they’re used to being the only four-legged friend.

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