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10 Large Dog Breeds That Can Be the Perfect Family Dog

6. German short-haired pointer

German short-haired pointer
Image: Geraint Morgan/Flickr

A true hunting dog, the German short-haired pointer is bold, intelligent, strong and playful.

The German short-haired pointer requires lots of exercise and attention. If properly trained, the GSP makes the ideal companion for owners with an active lifestyle and a love for the outdoors. Otherwise, this headstrong breed may prove to be too much of a challenge for a first-time owner.

If you do love the outdoors, the GSP is good with kids, though it may just be a bit too feisty for very little ones, although at only about 2-feet tall and up to 70 pounds, this fur baby is a bit smaller for the large breed fan who’s not willing to commit to one of the previous adorable monsters.

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