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10 Large Dog Breeds That Can Be the Perfect Family Dog

7. Great Dane

Great dane
Image: Jon Hurd/Flickr

Monumental in size and personality, the Great Dane towers over other large breeds at just over 2-feet to almost 3-feet tall.

Often thought to be the world’s tallest dog, only the Irish wolfhound can claim to be taller.

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Great Danes are gentle giants, calm and friendly despite their intimidating size. If you want to make sure you don’t get one of the really huge ones, opt for a female — males can get up to 200 pounds, but females generally top out at 115 pounds. They do require love, attention and plenty of space to exercise those long limbs, though, so they’re ideal if you have a big backyard. They’re great with kids, but beware that you’re probably investing in a 100 to 200 pound lapdog.

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