Monday mom challenge: Perk up your panty drawer

Let me cut straight to the point here: When was the last time you bought new undies? If you can’t remember – and even if you can – it’s time to clean the dingies out of your drawer and make a fresh start.
Panties on Clothesline

I’ll admit it, I have some less than recent panties in my drawer. While I might be able to congratulate myself on choosing good quality undergarments that lasted for a very long while, thus making the most of my underwear spending, still owning what used to be bright undies that were actually acquired last millennium aren’t necessarily a point of personal pride. Especially now that most of the panties in my drawer have been washed enough that they are all approaching the same shade of gray.

Down with dingy!

Most moms I know take care of everyone else in the family first, and themselves last. Everyone else has what they need, and after that effort, taking care of ones self can seem, well, less of a priority. And among those low priorities, the underwear and socks seem to be the lowest of the low. After asking around, a majority of the moms I knows sheepishly admitted that the underwear drawer seems to get the least amount of attention of all of our lives. That’s a shame, because perking up your underwear is an easy way to perk up your days.

Since it may have been a while, think about the last time you did pick up some fresh undies. Remember the secret little lift it gave you the first few times you wore them? A few fresh pairs of underwear are an easy and inexpensive way to perk up your regular days – a private little boost, if you will. And goodness knows, we all could use anything – any little thing – the keep us on the positive side in these crazy days.

Fancy – or basic

Perking up your underwear drawer isn’t necessarily about adding lacy or fancy or foufy styles to your repertoire, or even color or a different style. Heck, it can even be the exact brand, style, color and size of current panties. You can take it up a notch if you want to, of course, but this is about fresh, and what a little bit of fresh can do for your mood – not to mention your sweetie’s relative willingness to fold that particular basket of laundry.

If you are so inclined, do check out new styles, fabrics and colors. Believe it or not, things do change in the world of panties. There are new fabric blends for comfort and fit, different cuts to accommodate current clothing styles and eliminate visible panty lines, and so on. If it’s been a while since you’ve been to that department, you may actually be missing out on something.

Yes, going out and buying new underwear when you don’t strictly need new underwear isn’t a necessity. Of course you can survive without doing this – but a a fresh pair of pretty undies will give you more of a mood boost over more days than the equivalent cash in the form of cafe latte. So, come on – perk up those panties!

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