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Must-haves for new Mom & Baby

The baby has arrived! Mom is tired, but relieved not to be pregnant anymore. However, she had no idea she would still be this exhausted. Giving birth is tiring and both Mom and Baby need some pampering.

New mom and baby girl

Did a good friend or relative recently have a baby? Even though baby clothes are oh-so-cute, there are other ways to show your love and support for the new mom and her baby.

Good ol’ fashioned hospitality for Mom

Chances are, the new mom is not the only creature in the house besides Baby. There might be other children, pets, Dad or even relatives visiting. Here are five things you can do to help out the new mom:

  • Bring over a dinner for the family or order take-out from her favorite restaurant; cooking is the last thing on her mind.
  • Offer to run an errand or two.
  • Take other children out of the house for a bit so they can get a little extra special attention.
  • Don’t forget about the pets. Offer to take Fido for a walk so he can get some fresh air and be out of Mom’s way for a while.
  • Be patient! New moms might not be ready for visitors. Be an understanding friend and let her tell you when she is ready to have you come over. If you cannot wait and must do something, send some flowers or a fruit basket to let her know you are thinking about her.

The hand-me-down game, registry and thank you

Chances are the new mom had a baby shower and registered for many wonderful gifts. Chances are also good that she did not get every gift on that registry. Follow these helpful pointers on getting a delightful gift for the new mom — one she really needs.

  • If you have had children and are no longer in need of extra cribs, burp cloths, onesies or crib sheets (check for recalls first), offer them up — she can always say no, and recycling is the way to go.
  • Check the new mom’s registry to see if there is anything that is still left in your price range. She wouldn’t have registered for it if she didn’t want it.
  • Mom is going to hopefully get spoiled and will need lots of stationery for thank-you notes. Many women forget to register or stock up on cards before birth and find they are in need after the baby arrives. Mom spends so much time on the perfect announcement, it is a struggle to find something to “announce” thank you to all her friends. Try The PaperDoll Store and order something adorable and personal for her.

Perfect gifts for everyone

Newsflash! Baby will probably like anything you buy. They don’t care what color the “I love my mom T-shirt” is or how trendy his or her new diaper bag is; Mom is still in charge, for now. If the registry is done and you have no hand-me-downs, here are some great last minute gift ideas for both Mom and Baby.

Michael Stars teeFor Mom: She still doesn’t quite fit into her old clothes, so buy her the catchall one-size-fits-all Michael Stars T-shirt. The line is comfy and stretches and can be shrunk again with a little tumble in the dryer.

For Baby: Trendy babies are sporting Zutano clothing. The prints are totally adorable and the quality of the fabric is high. Try buying an outfit for 3 to 6 months or 6 to 9 months instead to help mom through the first year and not just one for the first couple of months.

For Mom and little girl: Mom is in bed and resting and might not have time to go out and get her nails painted. Buy her non-toxic, non-odor nail polish, like Piggy Paint, that she can share with her baby girl as well without causing damage to the precious one’s nails.

For Mom and little boy: Babies love stuffed animals as they grow, and Baby Gund has the perfect plush presents for playtime.

For siblings: Bath time! Everyone in the family needs a bath and you can’t have too many bath toys. From fun water books to the classic ducky, make bath time fun for everyone.

For Dad: The Daddy Diaper Pack is just one of the many cool gifts from DaddyScrubs that are perfect for new dads.

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