Top 11 Dog Breeds for Kids

1. Golden retriever

Golden retriever
Image: Ron Levine/Getty Images



At an average of only 22 inches and a typical max weight of only 80 pounds, he’s not quite as big as the Lab, but the golden retriever is a kind, smart, confident and loyal dog. Neither aggressive nor timid, the golden retriever is extremely patient, which is perfect for kids. While he does need a lot of exercise, his love of play makes this an easy thing to achieve.

They have the same life expectancy as the Lab, as well as similar health problems (mass cell tumors may limit their 10 to 12 years), and while they aren’t considered large, smaller apartments probably aren’t a great idea.

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So now that you know a thing or two about kid-friendly dogs, choosing one for your home and your family should be a little bit simpler. Remember, highly strung small dogs are usually not the best choice for children, though there are some to choose from if you have a small apartment. Also, keep in mind that mutts from the pound are a fantastic option, as they are often more docile and well-tempered.

Good luck finding the best dog for your family!

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