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7 Ways for moms to reinvent themselves this new year

4. Streamline your life

Want a fresh start this year? Start by eliminating the stuff from your home and office. Being surrounded by piles and messes negatively impacts your creativity and productivity, so it’s time to
break through the clutter.

“Getting organized is about taking baby steps, making small changes that allow you to take back control, so that you have more time and money to do the things you want to do. And, don’t be afraid
to ask for help,” says professional organizer Susie Hayman of Hayman suggests breaking the project down into several smaller tasks to make them more accomplishable. She also
suggests seperating work life from home life in the filing system and the home.

“Break down your To Do lists by project or task. Having categorized and organized lists is less overwhelming, more efficient, and saves time and money. Schedule time for yourself. Whether it’s
exercise, television, or time with friends, schedule it and do it,” Hayman said.

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5.Rekindle the romance

Between carpool, work, sports and more, it can be hard to find time to see your spouse – let alone have any romance. But moms and dads everywhere are finding good ways to connect despite the hectic

“My husband and I text each other throughout the day with sexy or romantic thoughts. It’s fun and surprising, sometimes catching me off guard, depending upon where I am at the time.I laugh more and
look forward to our time alone at night after the kids are asleep,” says Sue Reddy Silverman of Stacey Schrager & Associates.

License Marriage and Family Therapist and author of How To Be A Great Partner, Mark Webb, also suggests doing little things to show that you still do care.

“Dress up for each other. This used to be a top priority but once we seal the deal, we tend to neglect the extra shower and the splash of cologne/ perfume. Make the effort to present your best
self. I also encourage you to workout in order to stay in shape. Do your best to maintain your health and your youth,” says Webb.

Others agree. “We have found that it’s the little acts of kindness that speak wonders in our marriage. When I fix my husband’s favorite meal or he cleans out my car without being asked
it’s like we’ve both said “I love you” with our actions,” says Jill Savage, author of Is There Really Sex After Kids? and mother of five.

Savage also suggests scheduling in sex, so that it doesn’t fall by the wayside. “It may not seem romantic, but we’ve actually found that it is because we both anticipate it and prepare for
it! We have an agreed upon schedule that is more often than the person with a lesser sexual drive wants, and less often than the person with a higher sexual drive wants. It’s a perfect
meeting in the middle that allows us to nurture this important part of our marriage,” Savage said.

6. Reconnect with your friends

As long as you are scheduling time with your loved ones, remember your friends too. Every woman needs the support network that comes best with your longtime bosom buddies. Get out, sans kids and
hubbies, and have some fun. You could go see a movie, sip cosmos, or even grab a quick brunch.

If you’re far away from your friends, use the internet to your advantage. Facebook, Twitter and even blogging are terrific ways to reach out and touch those who’ve been there for you through good
times and bad.

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7. Be the best mommy you can be

Forget discipline, homework, sports … These all may be important, but they aren’t the only important things to your kids.

You want your kids to remember more than “angry mommy” when they grow up. Take time to just have some fun with your children. How? If there is a snow day, head outside and make snow angels or go
sledding. Bake cookies together and talk about what you are doing. Play board games.

For older kids, do lunch or see a movie (if that’s still cool) or head to the local mall to window shop. Whatever it is, let the stress melt away while you relearn about the little people whom you
helped make.

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