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Gifts from the kids: Snow globes

Each year, I try to come up with a gift that the kids can make for some extended family and close friends. It’s something that helps them get into and understand the spirit of the season – and is generally a lot of fun.

Child and Snow Globe

The projects for these gifts have to meet certain requirements. First, they must be something that the kids really create, something that shows something of themselves. And second, it must be inexpensive. The brainstorming for this project starts long before December, but usually the end result is worth it. One year, though, it was a particularly successful effort.

Something fun – and hopefully easy

A couple of years ago, in the brainstorming process, I happened upon a website that sold the pieces of snow globes. I investigated further. While the cost would be a little more than I originally intended (but only a little), I worried that it would be too much of a project.

Of course, just as I was about to click off that site to look for something else, Woody jumped into my lap – and was instantly smitten with the idea. Long story short, within a couple hours we’d ordered the supplies for the eight snow globes we needed to make and had a plan.

Enthusiasm trumps it all

My boys decided that this was a project for which they would be willing to sacrifice some of their beloved Legos. They instantly set about figuring out figures and scenes out of Lego for the globes. They consulted with their dad about the best way to glue the Lego pieces together. By the time the box with the globes arrived, the boys were ready to go.

Actually putting the snow globes together was a touch more challenging than I anticipated. It wasn’t hard, but it did take good care and patience. The project turned into a whole family project. But the excitement of the kids made it all worth while.

The boys so enjoyed working on this project – and the looks on their faces when the recipients opened their gifts was priceless. They were so proud.

I think the whole family learned something valuable about the holiday spirit when making the snow globes. We worked together to create something thoughtful and fun for people we love.Read More:

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