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A sucker for holiday music

The weekend before Thanksgiving, I turned on the first holiday music of the season. Alfs asked,”Mom, we’re not going to have to listen to this constantly, are we?”

Woman Listenin to Holiday Music

“Oh, probably,” I replied.

Alfs groaned. “You are so embarrassing,” he lamented.

“Just doing my job,” I retorted, and back I went to some very bad singing along, just to make the embarrassment complete.

Just a few weeks each year

Nearly constant holiday music has been a part of the kids’ December as long as they can remember. Each year, I look forward to the time around Thanksgiving when I can pull out my Christmas CDs. I have quite the collection now, usually acquiring a couple more each year – and it’s always interesting to see which currently popular musical act will put out a CD in any given year. The music is of varying qualities: some CDs are musically superior, and some clearly are thrown together in an effort to capitalize on the tendencies of suckers like me. No matter. For a few short weeks, I enjoy it all.

Promoting the holiday spirit

I think that, for me, all the holiday music is as much about maintaining and promoting a holiday spirit through the sometimes stressful holiday season as anything else. Yes, there are wonderful messages in the lyrics of the traditional carols as well as the more modern songs, but I think it’s more about the act of listening to the music than anything else. With so much to accomplish during December, it’s one of the little things that pulls me through. A soundtrack in the background, encouraging me on.

The boys are loathe to admit it, but I suspect they like at least some of it, too. I catch them humming along when they think no one is looking or listening. They may claim they can’t stand it, or I’m embarrassing, or whatever, but they also know what it’s for on some level. Christmas is their favorite holiday, after all. But they have to complain about something – it’s their job.

Now, if Green Day were to put out a Christmas CD, I bet it would be another story.Read More:

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