Sleeping Beauty DVD showcases Walt Disney and his animated vision

Oct 7, 2008 at 11:21 a.m. ET

Sleeping Beauty arises from Disney's vault and the results could not be more pristine.

A DVD worth its weight in platinum

Silver anniversary

It has been 50 years since the original Sleeping Beauty landed on screens and what is true about the film in 1958 remains so today. Sleeping Beauty is one of the purest fairy tales Disney has ever given the Mouse House treatment.

Arriving on DVD October 7 is the Platinum 50th Anniversary Edition that contains more Disney magic than the wizard of Fantasia possesses.

An everlasting story that has captures the fancy of generations regardless of its form, Disney has provided a unique vision of the Sleeping Beauty circa 2008 via a 2-disc DVD. This film is more of an astounding representation of Walt Disney's magic than anything that came before or since.

A timeless tale

Sleeping Beauty is the prototypical fairy tale with the princess who has bitten from the poison apple only to have her dream prince arrive to rescue her. But, where this tale leaps off the beaten path is how, even though our princess is asleep, her character's presence is effervescent.

The Disney Platinum Edition of Sleeping Beauty is an historic moment in family entertainment. It is the first classic from Disney available in high definition.

Differences in the original and what is onscreen become immediately evident. The widescreen is a format we've all become used to at this point. Immediately, Sleeping Beauty has an increased visual realm that essentially doubles the screen – on both sides.

A classic for any era

The art of Disney

In view are the work of art director's and animator's whose vision is completely in tact for the home viewer for the first time. Over a half-century ago, Walt Disney had a vision of the classic Sleeping Beauty story and found the artists to make it a reality.

The detail of Disney's famed artisans comes through on the restored DVD

Movie upgrades abound including the digital restoration of the picture and sound, but this two-disc's riches is its bounty of extras that are a 'can't miss.'

Excellent extras

Learn how to dance with Aurora's Forest Friends is a blast, however the true treasure is the never seen, until now, alternative opening of Sleeping Beauty. The piece showcases how Disney's dreams become reality, yet at times don't make the final cut.

Prestine colors that are Disney trademarks shine on the DVDIn that vein are the four deleted songs that were not used in the original film with the original 1950s storyboards that are priceless pieces of Disney history.

DVDs routinely showcase how the film was made, and Sleeping Beauty is no different.

The original Disneyland Sleeping Beauty walk-through with Walt himself is in 3-D and astounding in its honesty of its portrayal of innocence representative another era of Hollywood royalty.

Where the 50th anniversary edition of the film also differs from other incarnations is the new Making of Sleeping Beauty feature and the original film's accompanying animated 1958 short, Grand Canyon.

Going into the Blu

Further proof of Disney's forward thinking is the fact the DVD is available in two formats. For those who feel as if they will eventually upgrade to Blu-Ray, but with today's economic trade winds, know that day will be later than sooner, buying the Blu-Ray edition of Sleeping Beauty also includes a high definition DVD version of the upgraded film.

Pretty smart, no?

Well, fairy tales never fade, and Sleeping Beauty imagined by Disney is no different.

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