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How to create a memorable gift using your baby’s handprints and footprints

Your baby is a constant source of pride and joy. He’s also the perfect inspiration for meaningful home-made, personalized gifts for grandparents, Godparents and all the special people in his life.
Baby Hands
Making gifts centered on your baby’s handprint or footprint isn’t just for the uber crafty. Crafters, would-be crafters and novices alike can churn out beautiful, inexpensive gifts that are sure to be treasured by each and every recipient. All you need to fulfill all of your gift giving needs is your baby, a little imagination, an afternoon and this baby handprint and footprint gift guide.

T-Shirts, sweatshirts, totebags and aprons

What you need:

  • A small bottle of your favorite color non-toxic fabric paint
  • A paper plate
  • A piece of sturdy cardboard
  • Pre-washed cotton or cotton blend t-shirt or sweatshirt
  • Four large paper clips
  • A package of baby wipes (for a quick clean up)

How to do it:

Slip the cardboard inside the shirt to add stability and prevent the paint from seeping through. Stretch the fabric so it’s slightly taut, but not tightly pulling the fabric or distorting the item. Fasten with paperclips at the four corners.

Squirt fabric paint about the size of a large walnut on a paper plate and smear his hand or foot in the paint. Make sure to get paint on each toe or finger and don’t worry if the paint gets under his nails. It’s non-toxic and will wash off. Before pressing his painted handprint onto the fabric, you can try a test print on a piece of paper or another paper plate.

Instead of bringing your baby to the fabric (and risking him flailing, getting paint marks everywhere), bring the shirt, apron or tote to him. Press the item onto his hand to make a handprint or foot to make a footprint and hold for a second or two. It doesn’t take long for the paint to transfer to the fabric. For a perfect print, read “How to get a clean stamp of baby’s hand” and “How to get a clean stamp of baby’s foot.”

Embellish with sayings like “I love Nana” or “Mommy’s little Angel,” rhinestones or other iron-on appliquŽs that compliment the recipient’s fashion sense.

Baby handprint and footprints are also great on pillows and pillowcases. Stamp a line of tiny little hands along the edge of a solid color pillow case to sleep close to your baby every night. Or, make his grandmother a throw pillow that’s adorned with his feet prints for her sunroom.

Flower pots

Follow the same instructions as t-shirts, but instead of pressing your baby’s pre-painted hand or foot on fabric, roll a dry, clean terra cotta pot on his hand or foot. Once it dries, spray on a coat of clear matte finish to protect the print from fading, chipping or peeling.

Framed prints

Andrea McCann, a Norfolk, NE mom of two, never had the time or energy for the setup and cleanup of really involved crafts. But, when her daughter was a month old, McCann was having trouble finding just the right perfect gift for her mother for Christmas. “I dipped my kids’ feet in finger paint and printed their footprints together on a piece of paper. I put it in an old picture frame I didn’t use anymore. It looked pretty nice, and my mom loved it more than anything I could have bought!”
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