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Fun fall activities with kids

Bye-bye, beach. Adios, amusement park. Toodles, local pool! Summer is quickly moving behind us. With autumn rasping at the door, there are lots of things families can do to enjoy the cooler weather.

Apple Picking Girl

In the summer, it’s easy. Families can pick from the wealth of outdoor activities to while away their weekends. Many aim to relax as kids have summer break from school and warm temperatures bathe the land. But in fall, fun takes on different hues. What can you do this autumn season?

Go picking

It’s high time for apple-picking at many orchards right now. Load up the kids and head off to your local orchard. Don’t forget to bring water or juices to keep everyone hydrated. And allow kids to kids pick their own apples using apple picking tools or their hands and Dad’s shoulders. They will feel like they are really part of the action if you do.

Be sure to get a good selection of apples — including baking varieties — so that you and the kids can whip up some apple pies at home. (My favorite is French apple pie,  which has a sweet, crumbly topping. Mmmm!)Better yet, make enough to freeze a few pies for winter. You can also transform pies into sauce sauce and other delicious sweets.

Pumpkin patch

Late September into October is also pumpkin picking time. Head off the the patch and find the great pumpkin. (Be careful though, pumpkin vines can be prickly!)

Beyond the pumpkin selection process, your family can have a lot of fun at the patch. Pumpkin patches often have other activities like hayrides or face painting, which the kids will love. See a list of some patches around the country here!

Embrace the change

We are on the cusp of leaves changing colors in the northeast, and it’s high time for families to get out and see the vibrant hues. Though driving around to see the magentas, oranges and yellows might not be too fun for the kids, you can make a more exciting day of it by coupling your hue hunting with a picnic or nature walk.

Even if you aren’t in an area known for its fall leaves, you can get out with the kids and explore. You never know what you might find. My husband and I recently discovered that a network of walking paths exist behind our home. It makes for a great trip out with the children.

Walk to help

Speaking of walking, fall is also a big season for some charity walking events. In breast cancer awareness month (October) and fall generally being a good times for walks, there is bound to be a charity event near you. Keep your eyes on the local paper for details. It’s a great way to help really good causes as a family. Younger kids can even by included by pushing them in the stroller.

Cleaning house

Okay, I know work isn’t fun, but you can spin mundane activities like raking leaves into fun family activities. Let children jump in leaf piles before helping to clear them away — or, you can have your kids help you clear out old gear and sell it at a tag sale. Have kids get involved by helping to sell and/or opening their own refreshment stand at the sale.

And don’t forget about the tag sales that other families are likely holding. Trolling yard sales is a great way to find treasures for your home at bargain basement prices.

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