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Getting ready for Pre-K

The summer flew by. Now you’re leafing through information packets and planning your day around your child’s Pre-K schedule. Not sure where to start with getting your child ready? Fear not.

Pre-K Girl

When I filled out the registration forms for Pre-K, it wasn’t a big deal. When I saw the deposit check, and then the tuition check clear, it was okay. But when summer began drawing to a close, I got nervous about my son’s upcoming stint in Pre-K. That’s when I knew I needed to prepare.

The information packet

If the information packet for your child’s pre k was anything like mine, then you probably have some heavy reading to do. Do you really need to read 10 front and back pages? Will you be a mommy failure if you don’t read it?

Honestly, no. But if you want to be an informed mommy, then you will read and ingest the thing from cover to cover. Chances are, it has all the information you do need about class schedules, volunteer opportunities and teacher assignments.

Not convinced? If I didn’t read mine, I wouldn’t have known that my son’s first day of school will only be one hour long or that there are parent-teacher conferences twice this school year for the Pre-K.

Stocking up on supplies

When I realized how close the school year was, I panicked and did a quick shop for Pre-K essentials like crayons, colored pencils and glue. If you aren’t sure what you need, don’t hesitate to ask someone at the school. A quick call to the office can reveal if white glue or glue sticks is the standard and if tissues and construction paper are two must-haves.

Planning snacks or lunches

My son’s school has a short snack time each day that I need to provide food for. The school also happens to be peanut-free, so that limits me a little. But, it’s really more of a challenge than a limit.

Some ideas I have for snacks that won’t break the bank or violate the rules are:

  • freeze dried fruit (we like Trader Joe’s brand as well as some varieties of Funky Monkey.
  • fresh fruit
  • pretzels
  • cheese and crackers
  • celery boats made with cream cheese
  • cut up veggies and dip
  • yogurt
  • homemade trail mix (with mixed cereals, chocolate chips and dried fruit)

Dressing the part

Is it shopping time yet? For school, your child will need several pairs of sturdy pants and several tops. Don’t forget about warmer gear like sweaters, socks and jackets as well. The weeks before school is a good time to hit the stores. Be sure to log on to store websites and print out any coupons they might have (particularly true for outlet stores).

What about the Pre-K’er?

Hopefully by now you child knows that they are about to embark on a really exciting adventure: school. If you’ve been talking to your child about school a lot,then they probably won’t be shocked when they go. Practice saying their teacher’s name and introducing themselves. Also, practicing counting, ABCs, and encouraging sharing and playing nicely can help out too.

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