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Top 5 amazing Olympian dads

John Dane III

John Dane III, 58, loves sailing. He’s a shipbuilder who will be competing alongside none other than his son in law, Austin Sperry, 30. Yes, you read that right. Dane is the father of seven children including Sally, Sperry’s wife. The pair has been sailing together since 2005.
The unusual partnership aside, this is a dream 40 years in the making for Dane. In 1968, he had the opportunity to go as an alternate to the Olympics in Mexico City, but he turned it down. That is something he’s always regretted — especially since one of the crew members got ill and the team alternate had to sail. “I’ve been successful in a lot of things,” Dane, pictured in white shirt, told USA Today. “But getting to the Olympics was a dream that was unfulfilled. The Opening Ceremony is going to be one of the greatest moments of my life.”




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