Soccer mom, cubed

Aug 6, 2008 at 11:54 p.m. ET

There was a notice in the town paper this week that registration for fall soccer was open. Although I really don't want to be thinking about fall yet, I knew I had better take care of it sooner rather than later.

Little Girl and Soccer Ball
Although baseball is their favorite sport, Alfs and Woody have been playing soccer in the fall for several years now. I insist that they have some sort of physical activity each season and since there is no fall baseball league in our town, soccer is it. Games are Saturdays and Sundays, and while there are some intense kids and coaches, the league is mostly low-key. I like that the games are a little more finite than some of their baseball games and that we are not rushing home from work to get the kids to games. It's just a touch more sane than baseball season.

Not just two, three

While registering the boys for the upcoming season, I realized that Sunshine is now old enough for the mini-soccer program. I hadn't really considered that it was time for her to be involved in an organized sporting activity; I thought the first bit would be T-ball next spring. Sunshine certainly enjoys playing soccer - well, kicking the ball around - with her brothers, so I asked her. Did she want to play soccer this fall on a team?

Yes! was her enthusiastic reply.

Okay then, and I signed her up.

After entering all the information, loving that I can do it all online but lamenting that we now will have three sets of sports fees per season, I started to think about my girl and sports and how I am looking forward to encouraging my daughter athletically just as much as I enjoy encouraging my sons. I wonder if one day I'll put one of those bumper stickers on my car that reads, "I love my soccer player. She's awesome." Maybe I'll have a trio of stickers – one for each of the kids and their respective sports. Wouldn't that be cool?

volume discount

At any rate, as I moved to the payment screen, still grinning a bit, I chuckled as I realized that now that I do have three registered for soccer, I qualify for a volume discount. Seriously. An amount off for registering three or more kids. I'll take savings anywhere I can – and maybe this means that when I go looking for Sunshine's first shin guards, I can justify springing for the pink ones.

Soccer season, here we come.

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