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Top 6 amazing Olympian moms

Most people can’t imagine training for an Olympic sport, let alone doing so while raising young children. But for Olympic moms, motherhood and the pursuit of their dreams go hand in hand. Who are these amazing mom-letes? Check out our slideshow of the top 6 amazing Olympian moms.

Lisa Leslie

Lisa Leslie, 36, has won three gold medals and plays professional women’s basketball. Off the court, she’s mom to Lauren, who turned one in June. Her daughter travels with her on the road with the help of Leslie’s mom.

“I feel really comfortable when she’s left with grandma,” Leslie said. “I can focus and not worry about her too much.”

What kind of advice would this superstar mom give her own daughter? “[Lauren] just has to be a winner. I mean, just work hard at whatever you do,” she tells MSNBC. “Give it your all. For us, I think our motto is your will has to be stronger than your skill. She doesn’t have to play basketball, she doesn’t have to play anything. Just whatever she does, do it with passion. ”

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