Olympic fashion for amateurs

Aug 2, 2008 at 3:00 p.m. ET

At the wake of the Beijing Olympics, you'll no doubt be fantasizing you're a star athlete.

Fashionable Young Woman with Tennis Racket

For the Swim Fan

You're no match for Dara Torres (the 41-year-old mother and unprecedented fifth Olympic swimmer), but you're not so bad in the water either. Although you're not on a swim team, you are constantly competing with yourself – beating your previous lap time is one of your priorities during your weekly workout. This Dolfin Team Panel HP Back Swimsuit will get you in the Olympic-competitive spirit. Maybe you'll become a professional swimmer after all.
$39.99 at www.dickssportinggoods.com

Juicy Couture Tennis Survival KitFor Some Juicy Swinging

Best paired with a white mini tennis dress or a white polo and mini tennis skirt, this Juicy Couture Tennis Survival Kit is a must-have for the label whore with a racket. The set includes a coordinated headband, two wristbands, three pink tennis balls (way cuter than the typical bright green) and a towel. Keep these girly tennis accessories in the matching bag with a handy rope drawstring. Now all you need is a pink racket.
$75 at www.nordstrom.com

For Style on the Field

Whether your favorite track and field event is the high jump or the shot put, you'll need a pair of comfy shorts to play. These Women's Field Flavor Shorts by Nike feature a soft, lightweight taffeta fabric with mesh that's ideal for hot days. Your stems won't feel constrained in these roomy bottoms. Even better, its salmon color will make you a standout on the field.
$20 at www.dickssportinggoods.com

For Sparkly Gymtastic

When it comes to gymnastics, options are limited. You've seen red, blue, white, and black leotards before. Cute pieces, however, are far and few. This White Sparkle Tank Leotard is a good change of pace – it's made for a star. Not only is its design (a swirl of beautiful colors in the summer Olympic games' motif), the sparkly, low-scoop number comes with a matching hair scrunchie to tie your hair back when you're on the mat.
$75.95 at www.gk-elitesportswear.com

Volleyball ShortsFor Funky Volleying

Who says you can't wear polka dots on the court? Next time you play beach volleyball, wear this Funkadelic Sport Short in Polka Dot style. The 2.5" short is tagless, which means you won't have to worry about feeling itchy during a stressful match. And since these fashionable bottoms are made with Sportek – that's 70 percent polyester and 30 percent spandex, its stretch factor ensures maximum comfort and security.
$19.99 at www.eastbay.com

For Cycle Pretty

Banana outfits aren't the only option for cyclists. Skin-tight spandex tops and bottoms can't be comfortable. Plus, if you're concerned about your body shape and image, such a taut outfit can be damaging to an ego. Solve your biking-outfit woes with the fabulous SkirtSports Cruiser BikeGirl Skort, which is especially made for cyclists. Not only is the fabulous pink skort discreet, it's stretchy enough to give you a full range of motion as you pedal. Definitely a perfect alternative for casual riding in the spandex-clad cycling world!
$80 at www.rei.com

Asics Split Second VI wrestling shoes For Wrestlers and You

Odds are you're not in the ring wrestling for a living. But, that doesn't mean you can't wear the sneakers that pro wrestlers wear. In fact, they're quite adorable, borderline fashionable, not to mention way more comfortable than those heels. Wear these Asics Split Second VI wrestling shoes on your next shopping trip – just be sure to convert your usual size to men's (if you're a size 5, for instance, get a 3). Although you won't be rolling on the ground, guaranteed your feet will be eternally grateful for the fabulous relief.
$39.99 at www.eastbay.com