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Top 10 must-haves for dorm living

When your son or daughter goes away to college first time, it can be an emotional time for both the child and the parents. As you are wiping away the tears, the most you can do is to ensure that you are giving your child everything they need to survive and thrive at college. Here are the must-have items that your child needs when it comes to dorm living.


While dorm rooms aren’t big enough for a regular size refrigerator, having a mini-fridge is important. A college student can use a mini-fridge to have cold drinks and healthy food on hand,
such as fruits and vegetables. When you are shopping for a mini-fridge, look for one that has a freezer compartment for frozen dinners and snacks.


You hope that your child will eat well when they are off at college, however that isn’t always that case. Healthy and nutritious usually gets replaced with quick and easy. Frozen food and
other speedy meals are a college student’s best friend when running late.

Gym Membership

It’s no secret that a lot of college students gain weight in their first few years at college. To help curb the potential weight gain, make sure your child has access to a gym. If there
isn’t an adequate health club on the college campus, you should be able to find one in the surrounding area. Many have membership specials for students.

Cell Phone

Whether you add your child to your plan or purchase a one with prepaid minutes, cell phones are important in modern day college life. Not only do cell phones allow college students to keep in touch
with their new friends, it also gives the parents a great way to keep in contact!

Alarm Clock

Waking up in the morning is the most difficult aspect of college for a lot of students. Owning a reliable alarm clock is tremendously important to help your child avoid missing any morning classes.
The good news is you can find an assortment of alarm clock that are dependable and inexpensive.

Bed Linens

Germs are everywhere in college dorm rooms. While college students can’t protect themselves from all germs, having plenty of fresh bed linens is a good start. Buying new pillows, bed sheets
and a comforter is the way to go when heading to a dorm for the first time.

Plastic Containers

Dorm rooms don’t have a lot of close space or drawers. Plastic containers can help to keep things separated and organized in a dorm room. Having roommates makes this need even greater. Plastic
containers can hold everything from clothes to school supplies.

Portable Music Player

A lot of parents may think that portable music player is a luxury, however nowadays devices such as iPods are used by college students all around the world. A portable music player can help a
college student drown out all the distractions and focus on their studies. It’s also a good way for college students to fight boredom and homesickness.

Laptop Computer

Notebook computers are becoming more and more important on college campuses. Just ten years ago, personal computers weren’t commonplace among college students. Today, a lot of courses require
a notebook computer for classwork.

First Aid Kit

While all colleges have some sort of medical facility on campus, it’s still a good idea to give your child a first aid kit for the little emergencies. Most college students would rather
ignore small cuts and scrapes, which can be dangerous with all the germs on campus. Giving your child a first aid kit will help keep your child safe.

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