What do pregnancy dreams REALLY mean?

Jul 3, 2008 at 4:55 p.m. ET

WAKE UP! Your dreams are telling you something. Listen to them, they have important information. Why are your dreams so vivid now that you are pregnant? We find out why you are having them and what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you.

Pregnant Woman Dreaming
Imagine, it's two o'clock in the morning -you're sweating, moaning, squeezing your body pillow between your thighs, and in the middle of the best orgasm you've had since the day you wore your size six wedding gown.

Now picture this, you roll over, see hubby fast asleep, snoring the same God awful tune he does every night, and realize that you have just had a steamy affair with Brad Pitt. (Even hotter with kids) You quickly close your eyes and pray for your dream to pick up where it left off. But it's no use. Brad is gone.

Welcome to the world of strange, unusual, and always vivid pregnancy dreams.

Why do we dream?

Dreams are a reflection of your emotional state. And it's no secret that MTB's (mommies to be) are emotionally fierce and unpredictable. Feeling excited, terrified, and anxious not only affects your daily life, but also have influences your night time zzz's. The Intensity and interpretation, though, is different for each woman, depending on individual stressors. A planned pregnancy may prompt positive dreams of your babies face or her first feeding. On the other hand, an unwanted, or surprise pregnancy may cause nightmares where you find yourself running from wild animals all night. These lucid dreams take on different scenarios during each trimester, as your emotions transform as the months progress.

Read on for the most common pregnancy dreams, their interpretation, and a new look at how they may prepare for not only motherhood, but you're changing life.


First trimester: Misplacing your keys, forgetting to feed the baby, or losing her altogether.

Interpretation: May express the fear of being an inadequate mother.

New look: Once you're a mom though, you'll see that it was a glimpse into your forgetful future. You will get mommy mush brain, and forget your own birthday.


Second trimester: Dreams of sex with hubby or someone else.

Interpretation: This may signal a few things. Either your hormones that are heightened to a paramount level are dramatically increasing your sexual cravings, or your husband has stopped having sex with you because you now have a baby bump that disturbs him because he is thinking about the baby, thus he cannot perform.

New Look: After baby, sex is a commodity whose value has increased because the availability is limited. You and your man are reduced to nap time sex or bathroom quickies. No more spontaneity, sex is scheduled and usually interrupted by a cry.


Third trimester: Life with baby Dreams, preparing for baby, holding, and playing with her.

Interpretation: Your body is preparing for the babies arrival and your subconscious is imagining her so you guys aren't total strangers after delivery.

New Look: This can prepare you for the multitasking you'll have to do with a baby on your hip, and the constant entertainment that you'll have to provide. Sending an Email while changing a diaper, and applying mascara is common place for moms. And, you too, will master the art of multitasking. Your dreams prepare you.


Every trimester: Stuck at the bottom of a well, in a dark tunnel, or drowning.

Interpretation: Fear of losing your freedom.

New angle: This reoccurring dream is the new angle. IT epitomizes the reason for why understanding your pregnancy dreams is so important. If you recognize and understand that your life is going to change on a monumental level. You will have to multitask, you will have to fight to keep your identity, and you absolutely will have to schedule sex with your husband. Once you recognize and accept this. Motherhood will be much easier.

Sweet Dreams....

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