MTV Movie Awards bring the heat

Jun 2, 2008 at 11:34 a.m. ET

The MTV Movie Awards are always hot, but this year they were scorching. SheKnows worked the gold carpet in the shadow of the Universal Studios fire and the inferno's presence affected the award show arrivals immensely.

Love the bangs!Well, maybe not that much if you ask a "The Hills" star.

As Audrina Patridge cruised by, she was worried about her new 'do.

"Do you like the bangs," she asked. Patridge was there as a movie star as much as an MTV star with her appearance in the upcoming "Into the Blue 2."

"I just got back from filming in Hawaii and had the greatest time," she said. "I'm so excited to be here."

As nearby fires were doused by dozens of fire crews, the Universal Studios park was closed. Still the awards would continue. But, with the 120-minute quarter-mile crawl to get near the epicenter of summer movies in Hollywood, many of the stars were found literally running for the entrance.

"I have to present," Charlize Theron said as she was ushered towards her live television cue. Literally moments after she entered the Gibson Amphitheatre host Mike Myers introduced her and co-star Will Smith.

It was scorching in more ways than one on the carpet of MTV's salute to all things Hollywood. "I want to meet Johnny Depp," Tila Tequila said. Beaming as the helicopters swirled ahead, Tequila and the other stars lining the carpet kept looking up thinking the air news assault was for MTV's golden popcorns. It probably was in some ways, but the complete destruction of the Universal Studios backlot was more likely the source of the attention.

"This is crazy," said "Transformers" director Michael Bay. The screams of the fans lining the gold carpet became deafening as the Pussycat Dolls rushed by to ready for their performance. "The response to this film has been really rewarding. It is especially meaningful to see audience's taking it to heart."

As Bay spoke, the grandstands of fans awaiting their favorite stars erupted. Coldplay had arrived and with the clock ticking to their performance, there was only time for a stop on the MTV News stage, just feet away.

Best fight winner Sean Faris was especially excited given his nomination for "Never Back Down" in a category that usually gets no love. "We work so hard for everything to make it look great," Shawn said. "On this scene I was nominated for, I literally broke my back. It makes it all worth it. I poured my heart out for this movie, so it's incredible to see the reaction to it once it's done."

As Faris headed into the Gibson Amphitheatre, his nerves would not be quieted even by winning an award, because there were so many legends around. "There are people here I've looked to in my life for 20 years, so there will always be a little bit of nerves tonight," he said. "Johnny Depp, Matt Damon and Jackie Chan, I'm just happy to be nominated against those guys -- to beat them, even better!"

That, he did.

Be sure to stay on SheKnows all day as our coverage of the MTV Movie Awards continues with interviews with the stars who lit up the golden carpet in a very hot Hollywood.

The winners:

Best female performance: Ellen Page, "Juno"
Best summer movie so far: "Iron Man"
Best male performance: Will Smith, "I Am Legend"
Best comedic performance: Johnny Depp "Pirates of the Caribbean"
Best breakthrough performance: Zach Efron, "Hairspray"
Best villains: Johnny Depp, "Sweeney Todd"
Best kiss: "Step Up," Briana Evigan and Robert Hoffman
Best movie: "Transformers"