Quiz: What’s your parenting personality?

Apr 28, 2008 at 12:28 a.m. ET

You know the drill. Check that - your kids know it even better. They know what makes you tick. They push the limits and better yet, they push your buttons. The question, though, is this: Do you know your own parenting personality? Do you crack under pressure or are you simply laid-back California cool? Take this quiz to see where your parenting personality prowess stands.

Woman with Different Expressions

1.    Which adjectives describe your parenting personality

A.    I'm energetic, outgoing, and social.  Birthday par-tay, anyone?
B.    I stay calm in most situations and remember to take deep breaths.
C.    I'm the definition of low maintenance. Laid back to the point where I simply go with the flow.

2.    When solving a parental problem you'd rather…

A.    Think of something new. Out of the box.  Exciting!
B.    Rely on past experiences and then mix it up a bit depending on the situation.
C.    Problem, what problem?

3.    If you were the class mother, you would be the…

A.    Queen bee.  Everyone would flock to me for leadership.
B.    Mom that demonstrates the voice of reason; sure you're a leader but you're also a listener, too.
C.    Follower. Just followin' the program…

4.    In a nutshell, which statement summarizes the true you?

A.    Extrovert all the way.
B.    Depending on the situation I'm introspective but choose my words carefully and speak my mind.
C.    Introvert though not always; sometimes my chill vibe gets confused with being quiet.

5.    How often do you adhere to strict household rules like enforcing bedtimes?

A.    Almost always, baby.
B.    Frequently however there's give and take depending on the day's events.
C.    Bedtimes, what bedtimes?

Mostly A's

You're gregarious. You're vivacious. Let's face it, you're a born leader, not a follower.  While your kids may flock to your warm energy and creative personality, it may be hard to control that effervescent personality at times. Although you may be too cool for school in your casa, when you're in someone else's home, it may be hard to tone down that powerful parenting prowess when playing by someone else's household rules.   

Mostly B's

Extrovert or introvert?  The jury's still out. If you were taking a Myers-Briggs, this would be the ideal ENFJ or wait, is it the ISTP? In any event, you're even keeled, calm, cool, and yes — collected. Depending on the situation such as the time your Johnny's ant farm kind of got loose in the house, well, you manage to let your true colors shine without going completely berserk.

Mostly C's

As a laid back mama your kids know it's no biggie if they're running late for the school bus. If they don't finish their veggies for sure they know you won't freak out. When they have problems solving their word problems hey, they know you'll encourage them instead of get angry.  This low maintenance personality makes you approachable, but a few words of caution: they may take advantage. Read more: