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Easy feng shui for romance

They say an act as simple as rearranging your bedroom furniture can actually bring romance into your bedroom. Following a few feng shui principles will help you send out a positive message and create a more romantic bedroom.

Feng Shui Bedroom

clean up your mess

Those piles of clothes, papers, books and other miscellaneous items are blocking the positive energy flow in your bedroom and gumming up your chi. Fix this by putting things away in a specific place and make it a habit of doing so. Once your room is cleared out, love will replace clutter.

it all starts with your bed

Sure a king sized bed gives you lots of room to move around, but it certainly isn’t conducive to romance. Get a smaller bed, such as a queen and you’ll create a lot more intimacy than you previously had.Also, take a look at how close your bed is to the wall. If it’s too close, it blocks any chance for a lover to enter your life. If you already have a significant other, being too close to the wall may make them feel trapped and powerless. Allow for equal space on both sides of your bed, thereby creating a sense of equality in the relationship.

clear out your baggage

Memories of old relationships aren’t doing you any good. Those relationships are over for a reason, so clear out all reminders of past loves. This includes, photos, old gifts, music and any clothing that has ties to an ex. Rid your bedroom of the past and look towards the future.

no kids allowed

Once you’ve removed the photos of your past loves, the next step is to clear out the photos of your kids and family members. Looking at the faces of your children or parents before getting intimate doesn’t exactly set the mood and sends the message that this room is not a romantic place to be. Keep the photos and mementos, but put them in another area of the house.

all play and no work

To help create a romantic atmosphere, your bedroom should be devoid of televisions, computers and work out equipment. Use your room for romance and not for emailing, running on the treadmill or watching late night TV. These activities create an energy that reflects hard work and exertion, instead of ease and pleasure.

open the door

Make sure the front door to your house and the door to your bedroom opens easily and completely. Doors that stick, or only partially open, block the flow of romantic energy and prohibits these opportunities from knocking at your door in the fist place.

colors of love

For increased romantic activity, choose warm colors to decorate your room. Colors such as rose, salmon and coral will attract an attentive partner, while scarlet, crimson and burgundy will beckon a passionate lover.

create the atmosphere you desire

Stop using your bedroom as a dumping ground and start creating a space that brings you the love you desire. Clear out the clutter and start getting busy!  

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