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Dispose of negative thoughts and live in the moment

Suddenly, you realize you never noticed. You were so steeped in thought, anxiety and anticipation that it just slipped by.

You waited for summer vacation, so you could relax a bit, and when it approached you worried about how to spend the time with your kids and chastised yourself for not doing enough for them. You waited for the vacation to end, so you can finally get the kids off to school. You waited for a promotion at work, and when you got it you worried about how you’d deal with the extra time it required. You worried and waited, and waited and worried…and now you’re sorry.

You’re sorry you didn’t pay enough attention when your son’s first tooth poked through, sorry you didn’t stop to smell that first spring rain, and sorry you didn’t linger more time to gaze at that sunset. You’re sorry, essentially, that you didn’t enjoy the moment. You’re sorry that you filled that moment with a tidal wave of anxiety. You’re sorry for each time you failed to understand that the moment is a gift. That it is the real thing. That there is only now, and “now” will never return. And you know that it won’t pass you by again.

Thought Control: Who’s Calling the Shots, exactly? How long will we allow our thoughts to control us? How long will our negative over-thinking be in charge of our lives? The time has come to put a stop to this, and it is possible. We can take control of our thoughts and achieve results in our lives.

According to the Law of Attraction, we attract the things we think about. Our thoughts create our reality, and they create opportunities. Imagine yourself successful, work toward this goal, and you will succeed. Imagine yourself surrounded by true friends, and you’ll discover them. Imagine yourself failing, and – sorry to say – that is what’s likely to happen.

The power of thought

What we must do is check to see that the reality we’ve created for ourselves is, indeed, the reality we desire – the best reality we can hope for – and not the one that was the inevitable result of negative thinking. My term for thoughts that create a positive reality for us is “Enabling Thoughts” or “Reality-creating Thinking.”

Picture your thoughts as a muscle. Until now, you’ve been exercising that muscle in a certain way, which produced a particular reality. Now if we want to change our pattern of thinking to create a different reality, to think Enabling Thoughts, we’ve got to begin training that muscle to work differently. We have the power to train and control our thoughts.

The key lies in this one simple but important fact: We can only think about one thing at a time; we cannot concentrate our thoughts on two things simultaneously.

Does that sound strange?

Try this simple exercise, which is a workout designed to strengthen our thinking muscle.


Use all your senses

When was the last time you knowingly used all five senses to experience something? You can activate all your senses by taking a nature walk.

Try and make time for a daily walk. In addition to improving your physical fitness and shaping your figure, a daily walk will relax you. As you start your walk, decide that for the next ten minutes you will concentrate solely on your sense of sight. Examine the leaves on the trees and their colors, check out the houses en route, enjoy the gardens you pass, look at the children in the playground, etc.

After that, for the next ten minutes, concentrate solely on your sense of smell. Which scents fill the air? Do you notice the scent of rain on the way? Can you sense that your neighbor just pulled a fresh cake from the oven? Do you smell the blossoms on the trees? The exhaust from the cars?

Continue with your other senses: For the next ten minutes, concentrate solely on your sense of hearing. What do you hear? The crackle of dry leaves? A baby crying? Children playing? Hints of music? Bits of TV programs?

As you continue on your walk, you’ll realize you’re using senses that you don’t normally use in this kind of situation. Unlike children, who see everything and notice every little detail, we adults, unfortunately, stopped noticing such “trivialities” long ago. We carry the burden of the world on our shoulders and are trapped in our negative over-thinking, which prevents us from enjoying the small things in life, such as flowers growing at the roadside.

You’ll be surprised to see how this short exercise has an effect on our thinking muscle to clean ourselves from the negative thoughts and start thinking enabling thoughts.

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