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The rowing machine and I need relationship therapy

For someone who claims to be allergic to exercise and didn’t exercise regularly until three years ago, I do pretty well. I exercise four to five times a week for 30 to 60 minutes on a rowing machine, aka and “ergometer.”

I’ve noticed that I am stronger and others have noticed, too. My blood pressure, while never high, is nicely low, and my asthma hasn’t been as much as an issue (my lungs definitely are stronger). I have some discernible muscle tone to go along with the DNA-given cellulite. It’s been a good thing overall.Every few months, however, I go through a few weeks of absolutely despising the routine and the equipment and the act exercising. I am in one of those phases now. I’d really like to take a sledgehammer to that rowing machine.In the past, I’ve used self-discipline to force myself to push through these ruts, clamping down on the routine and being more rigid about adhering to it. It’s not working this time. I thought for a while it had to do with having had a bad flu, that it was taking my body longer to recover. I took a week and a half off of exercise, but then I tried to push through and not worry that my times for various distances were lower than they had been in over two years. Nope, I’m still in that rut.I thought I could blame it on spring fever and needing to be outside more. I tried getting out for more walks, getting in the sunshine more, but no. I’m still in that rut. I thought maybe I’m bored with all my movies that I watch while I exercise, so I went looking for new ones. Nope, I’m still in that rut.I tried a new exercise top. Maybe something in a fun color would help? Nope, still in that rut.Is it time to join a gym and maybe work with a personal trainer? Do I need to try another piece of equipment? One of the reasons I have a regular exercise routine at all is because we have this piece of equipment at home. I can’t imagine how I’d schedule a gym into my day! But then again, it might be necessary.I’m starting to think that I need to take a break from exercise altogether, or at least this kind of exercise. Maybe the rigidity of my exercise schedule isn’t allowing enough restorative time for my body with the other stressors in my life right now. I’m not sure.So maybe today, instead of rowing a 10K as the schedule indicates, I’ll take a nap instead. Or not.

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