8 hot 80s items for your little superstar

Apr 2, 2008 at 3:00 p.m. ET

If you find yourself nostalgic for everything 80s - Rubik's Cube, Ms Pac-Man, Michael Jackson's "Thriller," Chachi and more - why not let your retro style live on through your lil' one?

80s tees and onesies for kids

#8 - Space invaders of the baby kind

Video games might consume a good portion of your baby's life one day in the near future. No harm in introducing him or her to a classic Atari video game now.

#7 - Mr T in a 2T?

Even though you no longer quote Mr. T enough that his famous phrase might be your baby's first words, the Mr. T tee is still cute.

#6 - Rad and rockin' the cradle

This tee is, like, totally rad, dude! 

#5- Pure as Snow (White -- the original one!)

Back before Princesses were mass marketed, this Snow White Vintage 80s toddler tee captured the wholesomeness of childhood royalty.

#4 - Click and change... into this!

Order this flashback ViewMaster reel graphic on a tee, then try explaining to your toddler that this is what we considered multimedia back before there was multimedia.

#3 - Sleepin' to the 80s

You and your newest backup singer can belt out your favorite old songs, including baby lullaby versions of 80s jams — "Karma Chameleon," "Relax," "Come On Eileen," "Don't You Want Me?" and more.

#2 - Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, baby?

We all wanted to live in the Diff'rent Strokes mansion. The next best thing? Outfitting your baby in a onesie or t-shirt enhanced by cute lil' Arnold.

#1 - 'Fess up, you're still stuck in the 80s

Shouldn't your baby be stuck in the 80s with you?Find more cool ways to dress your offspring!