Puppies in Peril: 101 reasons to still love those Dalmatians

Mar 3, 2008 at 9:08 p.m. ET

Disney sent SheKnows an advance copy of their latest refurbish from the vault, "101 Dalmatians." Never one to miss an opportunity for anything Disney, we jumped.

The puppies are back!Disney has unlocked the vault and pulled out a classic that arrives on DVD tomorrow.

For the first time in a decade "101 Dalmatians" lands on store shelves to enlighten a new generation to the magic of spotted puppies and Disney animation.

When any movie returns to the DVD format the question begs: is it worth the upgrade?

As many parents most likely already have this film in their collection, that is a fair question.

The answer is a resounding yes.

"101 Dalmatians" pops off the screen as the digitally restored production shows Disney's animators for the brilliance they truly possess.

Classic EvilDisney animators capture the dog-human connection as no other artists have. As a pet owner, it is great to see such adoration from animal to person that is captured with a paint brush.

Sound editing never sounded as pure for a film of six decades of age. The 5.1 Disney Enhanced Home Theater Surround Sound will send the family pets scurrying from the realness of the animal sounds coming from the television.

As experts have labeled her film's greatest villain, time hasn't made her any nicer, Cruella De Vil, is still as scary as ever.

But at the heart of this charmer is romance, between canines and their human companions.

After kidnapping the Pongo and Perditha's 15 puppies, De Vil goes on her puppy-napping rampage across London that sets this famous story in motion.

The pups are backFor Disney fans of all ages, the extras on any Disney package is usually worth the effort. On "101 Dalmatians" there's interactive games and an entire Backstage Disney section featuring the actual correspondence from Walt Disney and the author of the book, a making-of featurette, "Redefining The Line," a documentary on the historical context of the evilness of Cruella De Vil in "Drawn to be Bad," and deleted songs never heard before this "platinum edition" release.

Parts of the story may seem dated, such as main character Roger's pipe smoking, when have you seen someone hitting on one of those?

But overall, it stands the test of time and fares well against the instant animated classics of today.

And with a villain as cold as Cruella, if she does not scare you, nothing one will. The smoke from her cigarette is even evil!

The film makes the viewer want to wag his or her tail.

Fall in love all over again with Disney's classic, "101 Dalmations" when it arrives on DVD for a limited time March 4.