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First-rate gifts for the second-born child

The first-born child gets all the glory. A big pre-arrival bash, lavish gifts and meticulously-labeled photo albums. If he’s lucky, the second-born child might get a picture or two in the digital camera (which hopefully will be downloaded by his first birthday).For unique second-child (and lucky parent!) gift ideas, we turned to Sarah Brown, the co-founder and owner of the online baby boutique,

Tradition long ago put the kibosh on consecutive sibling baby showers and gifts. Go ahead and break the rules for once. Give a gift unique to the parents, but also one that the second baby can enjoy.

True, seasoned parents already have all the essentials from the first time around. And hopefully they make enough bank now to do without a jumbo diaper cake from the neighborhood play group. But they’re still your friends, and the occasion is definitely joyous enough to merit a little something to say congrats on the latest addition. Not bottles, burp cloths, or bathtubs. Think concert tickets, classic books, or dinner for two at the hip new place in town.

For the Music Lovers

Grab tickets to a coveted show for a last hurrah before the baby is born. Wrap the tickets in a onesie adorned with their favorite band’s logo from

Make a copy of your favorite Coldplay, Bob Marley, or Beatles tunes and pair it with a lullaby version of the album to help them really rock the cradle from Contribute to the family library with your top-rated adult book of the year (non-parenting subject matter, please) and a classic tale that was meaningful to your own childhood. Sign them up for a subscription to Newsweek and throw in a Baby Einstein toy to occupy baby with brain-building fun while Mom and Dad catch up with the rest the world, one week at a time.

For the Foodies

Reserve a table for two at a trendy restaurant and offer your babysitting services for the night. Treat the sprout to a gourmet feast of handmade pretend food from

Stock the freezer with individual servings of your prized recipes. Inspire the same homemade goodness for their little one with a baby food processor.

For the World Travelers

A well-traveled family must be a well-organized family. Arm the globetrotters with monogrammed his, hers, and baby’s toiletry bags from

Ease the sting of airfare expenses with vouchers from their most-traveled airline. Ease Mama’s back pain and baby’s airport anxiety with a stylish hands-free carrier like those from

For the Art Buffs

Give them passes and an excuse to get out and converse with other adults at a local museum or art exhibit. Inspire their little artiste with hip wall graphics for the nursery.

Grace the coffee table with a gorgeous compilation book of their favorite artist’s work. Encourage creative documentation of milestones with a custom baby memory book.

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