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Remember Valentine’s Day B.C. (before children)?

Yeah, me neither. Here, three tips to get the spark back when it’s been diffused by your kids.

If you really jog your memory, you’re sure to recall those romantic moments — just the two of you eating a quiet Valentine’s dinner by candlelight. No Elmo’s World playing in the background, no having to harp on the command “eat your dinner!” Now, you’re lucky if you and your significant other have a minute to even kiss hello before a little person steps in between you to ask a question, demand a toy, or just to get some Mommy love.When Daddy wants the Mommy love, too — what to do? According to Tammy Gold, founder of Gold Parent Coaching, licensed psychotherapist, certified life coach and certified parent coach, it is possible to keep the spark alive this Valentine’s Day and beyond:
Date night… do it already!
It’s not rocket science, but many couples make scheduling time together — alone — more complicated than it has to be. “With schedules, meetings and additional activities taking time out of daily life, some couples may find it easier to plan a regular date night every week,” says Gold. Get yourselves a good babysitter, then get up and go! Barter time with a friend if you have to, then return the favor on her date night. Whatever it takes, do it. “This time together allows you to recharge your batteries and be a stronger support system for your partner and a better parent to your children.”
Baby your relationship

You’ve got no problem nurturing your children; apply that same mentality to your relationship. Make your significant other feel loved. “Figure out ways you can both give back to your relationship. Feeling loved by your partner will only enhance the love you give to your children,” says Gold.
Be a team, act like a team
Working with your spouse is key to maintaining harmony. Be sure to discuss your household decision-making process before anything big decision-worthy occurs. “Working with each other, rather than against each other will strengthen the relationship and also the message given toward your children,” says Gold.
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