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Valentine’s day across the age groups

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, I have some organizing to do. Not only do I need to pick up some trinkets for my family from me, but I also need to be sure that each kid is ready for their respective days at school.

Sunshine is the easy one. Her preschool class will have a simple observation. Maybe some heart-shaped muffins for morning snack, putting little valentines in each child’s sack … and that’x it. Mercifully. Because it’s so simple and anti-fuss, I actually enjoy making some homemade Valentine’s for her classmates. It will be something easy, but it will be fun, and Sunshine and I will make them together. Woody’s class has a more elaborate celebration planned. It’s fussy enough that it has totally turned me off. I (along with the other parents) received an email from the class moms asking who could bring in milk and dark-chocolate-dipped strawberries and/or white-chocolate dipped pretzels. Excuse me? That’s more elaborate than anything I do at home. And I’m not exaggerating on the details — the email really did specify milk and dark-chocolate-dipped strawberries. And half the Valentines Woody will bring home will have some kind of chocolate taped to them. Since when did Valentine’s Day become a mini Halloween? I don’t go to any homemade effort for Woody’s age group; neither he nor his friends would appreciate it right now. We’ll go get boxed commercial Valentines at the local discount store, and that’s it. I refuse to add to the candy stashes.Alfs is another situation entirely. When I asked if he needed to do anything for Valentine’s Day, he quickly — almost too quickly — snapped back, “No!” Okay, then. Given his age, and his grade, message received. I’m dropping the subject.At home, I like doing little things for the kids and my husband. I’ll make sure we have something a little special for breakfast like dried cherry scones or cranberry muffins. They’ll each get a small thing at their breakfast place that includes just a few small pieces of chocolate. We might have a slightly nicer-than-usual dinner, but nothing over the top. I might pick up a nice dessert for my husband and me to share after the kids are in bed. Or not. I tell my kids and my husband that I love them every day of the year, and in that sense, Valentine’s Day is no different from any other day. I don’t go overboard for it, and I don’t expect grand gestures from them either. I never say no to good chocolate, though.

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