Office Depot's Edge Pro: a must have for any scrapbooker

Dec 20, 2007 at 5:13 p.m. ET

When looking for gifts for my scrapbooking friends, it's always a challenge. I mean -- I know what I would want, but with so many kinds of papers, albums, and embellishments on the parket, everyone has developed different tastes and styles. I have found a MUST HAVE item that's on everyone's list (and if it isn't , then it should be!). Meet the Edge Pro from Office Depot.

I love scrapbooking, but the trouble is, I'm pretty anal. I consider right angles a must, so I'm often seen with a T-square and an X-acto knife, attempting to crop my photos to fit into my layouts by hand. When I have a lot of photos to do, I take them to work and crop them on large paper cutter (you know the kind -- the ones they had at school that you were forbidden to touch!). It's old and rusty and I feel at-risk of losing a finger every time I use it.

Office Depot has heard my cries of woe, and they have answered with just what I needed! Meet the Edge Pro line of products. They are perfect for at-home use. They are compact and easy to put away when you're not using them. They feature gridlines and rulers to help you line up the paper exactly where you want it. Unlike the guillotine-like paper cutters out there, the blades on the Edge Pro work on a slider, so there's no chance of your hand getting caught in it -- it is very safe! There are also a variety of different sizes and styles to choose from, so you can find one in the size that you need for the kind of crafting you want to do.

I have the Edge Pro Hobby Trimmer, which is perfect for scrapbooking. It's great for cropping photos, and it cuts paper as large as 12 by 12 inch scrapbooking paper. You can use the trimmer to score (for folding) and cut paper with ease. It has a ruler which swings out for when you are working on larger-sized projects. I used it all week on one of my final projects. I made an entire scrapbook for a graduate school course, and the results were astounding -- thanks to my Edge Pro!

The Edge Pro Rotary Paper Trimmers come in two sizes: 15 inch and 12 inch. Rubber feet on the bottom prevent it from slipping as you use it. It has a see-through paper guide that helps you line things up while also not marring the paper with any fingerprints or oils from your hands. It even has built in carrying handles!

The Edge Pro Multi-Trim Rotary Paper Trimmer has three interchangeable blades, which means it can cut wavy, perforated, or straight lines! It is also extremely strong, meaning you can cut a stack of ten papers at the same time! It even has a storage compartment to store extra tools and supplies!

I absolutely recommend checking out the Edge Pro line at Office Depot. They are a "must" for the scrapbooker on your list!