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Top signs of volunteer burn-out

One of the best things parents can do for their children is to volunteer in the classroom or for an after school sport or club. But sometimes parents, especially moms, can over-commit and that can quickly lead to burn-out and resentment. Post the following list on your refrigerator to help keep your volunteerism in a healthy range.

You might have volunteer burn-out if.


1. You know the teacher’s planner better than she does and she has to ask you where to find such and such in her classroom.


2. Whenever you eat pasta you think of a dozen wearable art projects you can make with it.


3. On the average there are more kids at your house daily than you have actually given birth to.


4. You have a PDA to keep track of all the things you volunteer for.


5. Your husband, sitting next to you, has to call you on his cell phone just to schedule some snuggle time.and you have to clear it with the P.T.O. first.


6. Whenever you hear the timer on the stove or the alarm in the morning you snarl because it reminds you of how much time you DON’T have.


7. You’ve started volunteering for more projects to get out of the ones you are already committed to.


8. You realize that you’re in this for life, which is funny because you no longer even have one.


9. You spend more evenings out than you do at home but you’re not having any fun.


10. You’re away from home so much you need to be reminded where it is.


11. You know exactly how many days, hours and minutes until the next holiday break.


12. You’re thinking of committing a petty crime so it will show up on your next background check and prevent you from volunteering.


13. Your child innocently asks for dinner and you give a thirty-minute speech on how all you do is give and you’ve got nothing left to give.


14. You fantasize about sending a bill for your time to those you volunteer for or wonder if your time and talent are worthy of a tax write-off.


15. That sarcastic voice in your head is demanding to be heard and you’re only too happy to oblige.


16. Every time somebody praises you for your volunteer work you eye them suspiciously, certain that they will give you more to do.


17. You’ve decided that the Golden Rule is for sado-masochists.


18. The kids want you to volunteer for some activities on the weekend. At home.


19. You’ve contacted the witness relocation program to hide you from the committee chairperson.


20. You’re thinking of going back to work full-time just to cut down on your workload.

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