Touchdown, Stephanie Anne!

Sep 28, 2007 at 9:29 p.m. ET

Serene, soothing, whimsical. . .these are the qualities many families seek for their babies' nurseries. And these are the qualities they are apt to find in nursery furniture, bedding and accessories designed by Stephanie Anne.

Up and coming
With retail stores in both Dallas and Houston, a national catalog and her Web site, Stephanie Anne is poised on the brink of nationwide expansion and recognition. Her success is hard-won and the fulfillment of a life-long dream: "I always had aspirations of being a designer," Stephanie Anne explains. "Every year I was redecorating my own room, and would say, 'Someday I want to design pretty things in other people's homes.'" She didn't waste any time pursuing that goal. As a young designer fashioning home interiors in Dallas, Texas, Stephanie Anne quickly gained a reputation - and a following - for her fresh, innovative nursery styles. Frustrated with the lack of fanciful, quality baby furniture on the market, she decided to design, produce and retail her own lines. Since then, she has become a nursery design trendsetter, preparing nurseries for celebrities like broadcaster and former NFL fullback Daryl Johnston and his model wife, Diane (featured in this article).

Stephanie Anne is proud of her success, and plans to expand upon it. "I'm just a girl from modest beginnings who started her own small company. It's a thrill to see my influence taking hold all over the country!" She continues, "My goal is to make a name brand that stands for trendsetting, classic designs that endure. We hope to soon have Stephanie Anne flagship stores in key cities around the United States."

Contemporary princess
You wouldn't expect to find many hulking football players at home in a princess-pink baby room. Somehow, though, Stephanie Anne pulled it off when she designed a nursery for Daryl "Moose" Johnston, broadcaster and former fullback for the Dallas Cowboys, and his wife, Diane.

Daryl and Diane already had a little boy; now they were expecting a girl and wanted a very feminine, serene room with lots of pink - but not frou-frou. A tall order, indeed, but Stephanie Anne had a plan and carte blanche. When she proposed her ideas for a contemporary princess/cottage look and showed Diane the fabrics she had in mind, Diane told her, "This is wonderful. Go for it!"

Daryl loves the room, too. "I've got Daryl Johnston of the Dallas Cowboys comfortable rocking his baby girl in an all pink room," brags Stephanie Anne. She further reveals that he is pleased with the room's serenity. It probably doesn't hurt that the armoire houses a television so he can snuggle in there anytime he wants to catch a game!

Stephanie Anne notes that even though this is a family who could afford to replace furniture whenever they wanted, they were very concerned with value. "They specifically wanted pieces that their daughter could have 20 years down the road and say, 'I've had that since I was a baby.' This is important to many parents, and I recommend they look out not only for timeless, classic designs, but also furniture that can stand up to the test of time."

Jamie Loomis is five years old and feels it's time to redecorate her room. Six years ago, her mom, Judy Loomis of Dallas, Texas, accented her new baby's nursery with a floral-themed mural. But Jamie has grown tired of this theme and wants a room to match her big girl status. "When we spent three days painting the mural, it never occurred to me I might be painting over it six years later," sighs Judy. "In fact, I haven't had the heart to do it yet."

Stephanie Anne hears this story and sympathizes. "I hear this a lot!" She recently designed the nursery shown here for her store's showroom and shares her inspiration.

"I wanted to show a gender neutral, fashion-forward nursery that could easily be accessorized - where the unpredictable and trendy plays into classical elements.

"What I like about this room is there's no fuss; it's crisp and cool and clean. This is for the family who doesn't want to have any typical theme, but to blend with the rest of the home in a soothing, classic manner. There are no major 'baby' elements: Remove the crib, add a bed, change a few accessories - and you have a room for a child of any age."