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The face of autism: The first 5 years

Here’s the story — well, the first five years — in the life of a boy named Quinn: a wonderful, exuberant, mostly non-verbal boy with autism.

You can see how the signs appeared over time, even before his diagnosis was made at 21 months, and what’s he like today.

Quinn’s mom, Nancy J Price — also one of SheKnows’ founders — says, “I have heard so many sad autism stories lately, I wanted to do something to show the other side of the coin.” Her goal with the video is to promote autism awareness — both for an early diagnosis, and to show other people how being autistic often does not mean an emotionless life, devoid of personal connections and a sense of purpose.

Nancy says knows she’s lucky — so far, she’s been spared the major temper tantrums and other hard-to-handle behavior not totally uncommon among chidlren with autism. In fact, she calls her son her “joy boy,” explaining, “He’s such a happy kid, and makes almost everyone smile just to look at him.”

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