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Diet success!

I lost another pound! Hey, that might not be a big deal to some people, but when you’re battling the buldge, it’s movement in the right direction. Take THAT, buldge!

So, I’m motivated. Every new pound lost gets me that closer to wearing the nice clothes hanging in my closet.

Ever notice that? When we are overweight we pick the drabbiest clothes possible, and save all those nice things for ‘later’ as if ‘someday’ we’ll DESERVE to wear those clothes.

Hey, don’t they make attractive clothing for BIGGER people? SURE they do! But maybe like me, others just don’t want to hand over the money for something flattering to wear when they are overweight because…it just might commit us to STAYING overweight.

Don’t we live in perpetual optimism? Oh, I can’t buy THAT because I’m GOING to lose a lot of weight anytime now!

Or, maybe, you’re thinking: I am not buying that outfit because I am NOT gaining anymore weight. As if buying an outfit when we are heavier just opens up the floodgates to gaining even MORE weight.

Well, isn’t that true?

When our bodies are not cooperating with our spirits, don’t we feel like a bigger pair of pants is just begging our butts to grow into them?

Ergo, I have hit the sweatpants stage. I’m starting to wear them everywhere because I refuse to buy even bigger jeans or skirts. But I can’t wear my sweats to Church! Yikes!

And that’s when overweight people start getting crafty…right? You start decorating those big Tees and sweatpants with whatnots from the craft store…as if a glittery T-shirt makes up for the money we refused to spend on something elegant at our new high weight.

Okay, let’s stop beating ourselves up! Let’s just start dressing nicely no matter what weight we are. Maybe by feeling good we’ll be more motivated to take better care of ourselves, eat right and exercise.


Ex-er-cise. I’ve heard that word before. Can’t quite remember what it means just yet…BUT I’M WORKING ON IT!

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