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Counting blessings

Dear Toddler of Mine,

When you got up at 3AM and took all the books off the shelf, took your diaper off and found the box of cookies in the lower cupboard in the kitchen, you gave new meaning to “the pitter patter of little feet.” I thank God for those little feet and baby gates and my ability to spring into action when I think there’s a burglar in the house.

When you showed me the pretty picture on the wall that you had made all on your own, you gave new expression to interior decorating. I thank God for your little hands and Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser.

When you surprised me with an elaborate homemade gift, you left me speechless. I thank God for my imagination so I could praise you for how wonderful it was…even though when you’re 18 I still won’t know what it is.

When you slammed your fist on the table and screeched at the top of your lungs because I did not know that you wanted three cookies, not two, and that I must line them up EXACTLY in a straight line, you cleared up any doubts I had about your self-esteem…and I thank God for your ability to count.

When you pulled the cat’s tail and experimented with static electricity on poor kitty, you made me believe my grandmother was right. You ARE a little professor. I thank God for your clever little mind.

Toddler of mine, there are so many things you say and do every day that make me thankful I am your parent even if I have to think very carefully when I count my blessings. I cannot imagine my life without you.

How dull it would be living in a quiet house…”without Big Bird or Mickey Mouse and Kool-Aid on the couch, thank God for Kids.”

How downright boring it would be without having a little one insist I read a favorite bedtime story for the 69th time in a row.

How empty the house with seem without your toys and books strewn everywhere.

How do you do it, Little One? You try my patience, you force me to stretch and grow. You insist I never have time to sit, think, or take a deep breath. You’ve got me cutting MY food into tiny bite-sized pieces and speaking like a Teletubby.

Once upon a time I could never imagine motherhood. Now it’s all I know. And yet, in just a short time, you will spread your wings and leave this nest and leave me with only fond memories of days I could hardly remember as I lived them.

Life is so chaotic now I can’t imagine the solitude that will follow, so I ask God for one more blessing.


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