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Moving on

It has been a tough, but cathartic couple of days for my sister and her husband. She checked into the hospital on early Friday morning. They gave her some medication to put her into labor and to dilate her cervix. It was a rough and very emotional day for her.

It was the little details that made it so rough–hearing the cry of other babies as they were being born (we were on the OB floor of the hospital), the rose on her door indicating to the nurses that a miscarriage was taking place, the little swaddling blankets stacked in bins in the hallway that I knew would not be needed.

I couldn’t help but compare this experience that she was going through, to my experience giving birth to Ethan two years ago. It made me so sad to know how different these two occasions are. I so look forward to the day that she has a joyous birth experience. It has been an emotional few days for them, but they are looking forward to trying again. I am glad the holidays are coming up giving her something else to focus on and look forward to.

Until next time, Kim

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