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Tummy tattoos – How they fare during pregnancy

If you have a tattoo on your belly, you may wonder what pregnancy will do to it. Six moms tell you what they’re finding out!

“I have a little one about 1.5 to 2 inches to the right of my belly button. It’s not very big. Originally size was about 1.5 inches long and maybe 1 inch across. It’s a small black tribal design with a single purple rose in the middle. I love my tattoo and I still do. It has stretched a little, but thank God, not much!” – Misty

“I have a small butterfly on my left side/hip — almost belly. As my weeks pass, it is getting bigger and bigger. By the end, my husband says it will be a condor!” – Kimberly

“I have a moon and some stars and it is really streched out and has stretch marks on it from my last pregnancy… I kinda wish I never had it done, but hey — at least the doctors all remember me!” – Nicki “I have a Yin-Yang of day and night just to the lower left of my belly button. It got stretched during with my pregnancy with my son, and now looks like an egg. LOL! I guess I didn’t think this far ahead in life when I got the tat at 18. Oh well — it’s still colorful.” – Janine

“I have a dragon that circles around under my belly button originally about (I would guess) 5 inches. VERY HUGE now. The sad part is that the ink is almost gone on some places because of stretching.” – mansonkitty

“Mine so far is doing okay, not any more streched out than before I lost a lot of weight. We’ve always joked about what it would look like once I got pregnant. Now we’ll get to find out!” – MomToFurbabies

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