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Sheryl Crow & son Wyatt

Sheryl Crow looks has that “new-mom glow” as she holds her newly adopted son, Wyatt, on the cover of current OK! magazine.

crow.jpgPerez Hilton has a sneak
peek of the interview in which she opens up about the adoption process, adopting more children and what fellow celebrity moms have helped her adjust to being a mother.

Here are some highlights:

Describe what you went through [adoption process].

I went through an agency. I filled out a lot of paperwork. You answer all kinds of questions and they come and visit you. This was a closed adoption, but I have a physical
description and the medical history of the parents, which is really great because you know what your child is in for regarding medical issues.

Did you want a boy?
I did not care. I did not care what nationality. I do believe, and it may sound wacky, that souls pick their surroundings. I feel like Wyatt was on his way, one way or the other.

Have you thought about what you’ll tell Wyatt and when?
I think it will come about when it comes about. When he’s old enough to understand it, we’ll talk about it. By then he’ll already know and love me as his mom.

When did you know you might be getting your son?
I knew he was coming and I knew there was an opportunity for the birth mother to change her mind. I flew to where he was, which was in another state, and I took him home a day later. He was 1 day
old. His birthday is April 29.

Who else has given you great advice?
My dear friend Laura Dern has been with me all the way through this experience and had a baby shower for me last week. And Gabby Reece has been with me all the way. These very ‘Earth Mother’ types
are really dialed into how to raise a baby organically and holistically.

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