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When are you going to take off your rings?

The question: “Just curious if any of you ladies have or will take off rings when/if your fingers start to swell? I’ve noticed just in the last day or so that my hands (maybe just fingers) have been getting a bit swollen. And I’ve only noticed this because my wedding ring is getting tighter to take off when I want to clean it. I wonder if at some point I should keep it off until after the baby is born…or if I should just leave it on and the swelling will go down later. Honestly, I’d prefer to leave it on because I personally hate the thought of not wearing my wedding ring.” – Misty

I have purchased a cheap plain gold band in 14k ($38.00 on QVC) two sizes bigger than what I wear now. I think I am going to have to make the switch soon. My fingers are starting to swell ever so slightly. – Kimmy

I took mine off when I was pregnant with my son because a friend of mine had to have hers cut off and I didn’t want that to happen! I was also uncomfortable about not wearing my wedding band so we went out a bought a cheap one in a bigger size… I think it only cost $30. – Johnna

When I think of third trimester mommies, I always think of them with their rings around their neck on a chain. That’s what I’m going to do, screw the people who think I’m unmarried! It’s not for them to judge even if I was single. – Jenny

I don’t like to take mine off, either. But do yourself a favor and take it off when you still can. Before you have to break out the lotion just to get it to budge. The swelling can get pretty outrageous sometimes and the ring will start cutting into your finger and cutting off the circulation. I have heard of women having to have their wedding ring CUT off for this reason (we had someone on my last due date board have to do this)! I would far rather just do without wearing it for a few months than have it permanently ruined like that! – If you are just uncomfortable not wearing a ring and don’t mind substituting another one for a short time, just get a cheaper one (pawn shop or borrowed) to wear. My mom gave me a nice ring that she never wore and her fingers are bigger than mine. I didn’t size it. I am going to use it as a substitute when I have to take my ‘real’ ring off. I look younger than I am and get funny looks and such from rude, stupid people when I am not wearing one. I don’t even want to deal with the irritation it causes me this time! – Tristan’s mommy Just to second Tristansmommy’s post: PLEASE TAKE YOUR RINGS OFF EARLY! I learned the hard way… When I was pregnant with Jake, I had decided that I would NOT take my wedding rings off, because I was worried about others’ perception of me as a “young, single” mommy. I kept noticing the swelling, and that by the end of the day, my ring finger would be a slightly different color than the others, but I didn’t care. Long story short, there came a time when it was obvious that the circulation to this finger was compromised, and I spent several hours in hysterics because it absolutely would NOT come off! We were just about to go have it cut off, when my husband came up with some scheme involving vegetable shortening and something else that ultimately worked. But, we spent several very nervewracking hours; not a fun experience, I can assure you. I will not hesitate at all to take them off as soon as I notice that they are getting stuck! (BTW, I think this was right around 7 1/2 months for me.) – Alicia

I have a “pregnancy ring” on its on stand by for when I know my diamonds will not fit. So far, I’m not having problems, but I know the time will come. – bellemay

My wedding band is always tight in the summer. My engagement ring is slightly bigger. I plan on wearing my wedding band on a chain when my fingers are too big. I can’t believe the nerve of some people. Even if I were single, what business is it of theirs whether or not I am married? – Cindy

This is another club I can join, the swollen fingers club! My wedding band is slightly smaller than my engagement ring so I stopped wearing that one a couple of days ago. Right now my engagement ring still fits. I had hoped to wear both until the end but got paranoid – a friend of mine, even though she wasn’t pregnant, had some reaction and her left hand swelled so much they had to cut her ring off! Now I am superstitious AND this is my 3rd marriage so I am taking no chances. My husband bought me a Diamonique ring from QVC to take the place of my engagement ring later in my pregnant. – Di

I took mine off about 2 weeks ago! My fingers always start to swell when it warms up in the Spring. The red mark on that finger still hasn’t gone away completely. I couldn’t care less what anybody thinks… – Nora

My very considerate husband went and bought me a larger size temporary diamond ring for the later months. It was his way of understanding that I was going to be uncomfortable being pregnant and not being able to wear my wedding. Plus he didn’t want anyone to think I was available, like anyone wants to date a preggo woman! – Janine

I noticed this past Monday when I went and bought my mom [a] gift. When I asked the lady if she could clean my rings for me I noticed that I was having a hard time getting them off. It usually only happens in the afternoon though. I am also not comfortable not wearing my ring but it sure is better than having them cutting it off. I think within the next month or maybe even sooner I’ll have to take it off. I do wear my great Grandmother’s wedding band on my middle finger on my right hand, so maybe I’ll just put it on my ring finger when the times comes since it is a bit bigger. – Cherie

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