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Anybody else having trouble finding a name?

The question: I have only two weeks and a day to go until my due date and I still have no idea what to call this little girl. I am certain that if I went into labor early, this baby will be known to all as “bub.” Obviously, because I am not having a boy, I have about five boys names picked and zero, zilch, nil girls names. I am going stir crazy looking at baby name books, looking at the end of movies at the credits, asking new mothers what their child’s name is, looking at all the [message board] posts, etc. HELP! Interested to know if anyone else is in the same predicament. How did you choose names for your baby? – Kelly

Don’t worry! A lot of parents don’t name their baby for a few days after the baby is born. Sometimes you just have to see your little one to see if the name fits. And don’t worry, whatever you call your baby, they will grow into their name! As for us, we have a few names on our short list but nothing definate! I don’t think we will decide until it is born and we know the sex, then I guess whatever we agree on will be it. – Linnie

My husband and I were the opposite: Knew exactly what the girl’s name would be, but could not for the life of us decide on a boy’s name… and of course we found out we were having a boy. We decided on Nathan Turner. DH hubby is called Jon, but he is really a Jonathan. He wanted the baby to have part of his name so he took of the J-O and thats where Nathan came from. Turner is a family name. Try to think of some old family names, or maybe a name that means something to you… I hope you find a name you like! Maybe also check out the name polls board and maybe you could get some ideas from there as well! – Melanie Well, I am in the same boat. We say we have picked the name Paige Elizabeth, but I am not sure that is what I want. I have about four other names written down in the overnight bag, so I guess when she is born we will make the decision then. It was even hard to come up with those five names! I dont know what the problem is. With my son, we had his name picked out when I was four months pregnant. – Jennifer

I’m having the same problem. We knew at the beginning we wanted to name our baby Sydney Patricia if it was a girl and had trouble with a boy’s name. Now we’ve (I think) decided on Jacob David if its a boy, but I’m not happy with Sydney Patricia anymore… YIKES! I have less than two weeks! I love the name Emma, but we have three Emilys already. – Patti

I know where you’re coming from. It took my husband forever to agree on a first name for this little guy. We finally decided on Mason, but the middle name is still up in the air. It is between Zane or Kyler. Guess we’ll decide while I’m in labor like we did with ds. Good luck with choosing a name. I know how difficult it is! – Tara

I am in the same boat. My husband and I have talked about names for girls and boys, but we can’t seem to agree on anything. We like the name Alex (Alexander) for a boy, but probably won’t go with that since it has bad family memories (long story). Anyway, for a girl we have no clue. We didn’t decide on my daughter’s name ’til we were on the way to the hospital. LOL. Perhaps that will happen with this one too. – Anne

It took me a long time too. My husband loves the name Caroline, but I couldn’t find a name that I loved to go with it that he would agree to. I’ve always liked Grace (like so many others!), and one night while watching Will and Grace it hit me: Lillian Grace, and call her Lilly. We had lillies all in our wedding and it just fit. Then my husband finally saw the light and that was that! What kind of names do you lean toward? Older family names, trendy, unique, long/short, girly/tomboy. Try to break it down into a category like that and it might make it easier. – Carrie

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