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Asthma and anesthesia: A safe combination?

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Your question: My one-year-old son needs heel cord surgery on both feet. He also has asthmatic tendencies. How safe is the anesthesia with his asthma?

The expert answers:
Achilles tendon release for contractures is a peripheral procedure. It is likely that your child will still be under general anesthesia. Very often, to be asleep requires an airway or breathing tube. The placement of that breathing tube and the medicines that are given to relax the muscles sometimes can aggravate asthmatic symptoms. The general anesthesia gases, on the other hand, can be relaxing to the airway passages.

If his asthma is not very severe, it should not be problematic. Sometimes, a breathing airway called “LMA” can be used during anesthesia, which is less stimulating than other breathing tubes. .

Hydration is important, so good fluid intake the day before the surgery is important, along with a good schedule of breathing medications, if he is on them. Make sure to discuss any concerns or questions with your doctor

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