7 great ways to cool off on hot summer days

When you’re thick into the dog days of summer, every day is long and hot with little relief in sight. What can you do to cool off in the heat of summertime?

Ice cream party

Here are seven great summer activities and hot weather ideas for fun that don’t involve cranking up the air conditioner (and your utility bill).

1Host an ice cream social

Invite friends, neighbors — and decide whether or not you want this to be a whole family event (kids or no kids) or just for the grownups. You can even make it a dating game by having each guest bring a single friend!

2Go ice skating

Yes, you can ice skate in the summer — at a local indoor rink! Many cities have training facilities for hockey teams, speed skaters and figure skaters that are open to the public for free skate hours — ice skate rentals included!

3Slip and slide

The Slip ‘n’ Slide — a favorite toy from when we were little — isn’t safe for adults, but the kids will love it! Pick one up in the toy department of your favorite big box store, or you could even make your own with a long tarp, sprinklers — along with a little dish soap to make the surface more slippery.

4Get sprinkled

There’s no age limit on running through — or lying under — the sprinklers! It offers a great way to cool off with zero extra setup (unless you want to use a silly sprinkler sprayer of some sort).

5Cool culture

Check out that local museum you keep saying you’ll get to but never do. You’ll stay cool out of the sun and soak in some culture at the same time! Art museums, science museums, history museums and children’s museums are all great options — and also check to see if there are any special exhibits traveling through your area.

6Hit the river in a tube

You and your friends — or whole family — can float down a local river in tubes and spend the whole day chilling in chilly water. Find a nearby place to go river tubing by searching for “river tubing” and the name of your state. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

7Move to a movie theater

Movie theatres are known for having the AC turned up high — and if they’re going to be cooling the place anyhow, why not stop by and check out a couple movies? Spend half the day at the theater and you can catch up on the latest and greatest films. (Look for popcorn and drink coupons before you go.)

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