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Do you have the "glow" of pregnancy?

Have you got the “glow” of pregnancy?
One mom, halfway through her pregnancy, asked, “I was wondering how many of us have found that ‘Pregnancy Glow?'” Here’s what eleven mid-termers had to say!

I was told yesterday I had a glow, too, but I didn’t feel glowing. However, we were having parent teacher interviews, so I had my”dress up” clothes on and must have looked the cute pregnant woman… But a glow, I’m not convinced. I’ve got lots of acne I cover up with makeup and I’m constantly blowing my nose these days, so I don’t feel ‘glowing.’ – Sue

I have recieved numerous compliments about having a glow. Personally, I don’t know what they are talking about. I feel so unattractive most of the time. – Crystal

A lady at work told me once that I was glowing. I think it was because I was happy that day and smiling a lot. But on the other hand, my hair is looking pretty good and so is my skin. I think the extra water and prenatal vitamins are helping out a lot. – Gisel

When I can be bothered to put a little moisturiser and mascara on and go out, people say to me “you look really well” or “you really are blooming now”. I think they are just saying it to make me feel better though, because when I look in the mirror I really do look like crap! – Meg With my daughter, I really did glow. I think it was because during my second trimester I felt so good (better than I ever had before) and I was so happy. I’m still waiting for this with this pregnancy. I am looking a bit better. The ‘green’ look of the first trimester has left, and I’m not looking so old. – Stephanie

I think that if I am dressed nicely, freshly showered, and are feeling good, then I am glowing….if I am not any of these things, you can be sure the ‘glow’ is just cause my skin is oily from not having been washed. – Shannon

Nope, no glow here either. I’m just sick and exhausted all the time, and the best I’ve gotten from people is, ‘You don’t look so green today.’ – Tricia

I am definitely not glowing. I’m so washed out looking. I do have to say though that my skin has been much clearer than normal and I do have great pregnancy hair. Usually I have to wash it every day because it looks oily and limp. Now it’s shiny and full looking. – Pam

I’ve noticed a constant flush in my cheeks, and I think when people say I’m glowing, that’s why. – Lilladybug75

I, too, have had people tell me that I am glowing. In fact, a number of people have said it from the beginning of my pregnancy. I don’t think I am glowing at all, but who knows. Actually, I had more people tell me that during my first trimester. Maybe it was all of the broken blood vessels on my face from throwing up. – Amy

I WANT TO GLOW! TELL ME HOW! I keep hearing/reading about this whole ‘glow’ phenomena but it’s just not happening with me. Maybe I need to tell more people I’m pregnant so they don’t think that belly sticking out in front is a beer gut, and then the ‘glowing’ compliments may begin? – Melita

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