Make-A-Plate for kids

Whether you have relatives who live a long way away, or just want to preserve memories for the future — these “Make a Plate” kits have been making families smile since 1969.

Make a plate kit

A craft for kids

Do you want to keep your childrens’ artwork in the cabinet instead of on the refrigerator? With this kit, you can transform their art into 10-inch melamine plates.

This kit comes with 5 plate templates so the kids (and you!) can practice. When your kids have completed their artwork, send the drawings to the company. The original art will be used in the plate’s creation, and in a few weeks, your plates will be sent to your home for plenty of oohs and aahs.

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Great as holiday or birthday gifts for family and friends, you can keep your kids’ art close to your heart (and mouth) for years to come. Find out more and get the original Make a Plate kits here!

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