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Exclusive: Mom Shamers Keep Raining on Meghan Trainor’s Parade & Ugh of Course They Are

Apparently it doesn’t matter how many times we tell people to not shame moms, because they just blow right through that stop sign again and again. It’s very toddler-esque of them. We’ve calmly asked them to stop a million times, and now we’re just getting increasingly pissed off as their tantrum continues. So forgive us *ahem* if we stomp around on our soapbox and once again beg the peanut gallery to shut the f*ck up.

Said gallery has recently gone after Meghan Trainor, and luckily we know that she — much like her favorite new collection from Nexxus — is unbreakable. She was pretty calm (can’t relate!) when she told us about her share of shamers. It’s pretty impressive since the “All About That Bass” singer did not sign up to be all about other people’s bullsh*t. Especially not when she was postpartum.

“I did a funny, silly TikTok that was about me turning off my pumps and stopping pumping after three months, and I was like, ‘I’m a champion. I made it three months!'” Trainor tells SheKnows. “And all the comments were like, ‘Don’t be ashamed.’ Like, ‘You should be proud.'”

*side eye*

Um, excuse me? She didn’t go out there feeling all boo hoo about the situation. She was clearly feeling accomplished.

“So that was confusing,” she concedes.

Majorly! Majorly confusing and majorly patronizing. She was already proud of herself and didn’t need people coming in with what was basically the virtual version of a “there there” pat on the head and a condescending smile.

And I know the “well-intentioned” shamers are just itching to explain that they are a mother, so listen to them. But in the wise words of our favorite soon-to-be mom of two, we have to say, “Stop all that mansplainin’, no one’s listening. Tell me, who gave you the permission to speak?”

Things escalated when Trainor told fans that her son Riley (who is the most adorable little guy and who has the best time with his dad Daryl Sabara) was breached and that she would be having a C-section. Of course, a swarm of shamers descended.

“They were like, ‘No, you have to find a way to push him out,’ ‘Change doctors,’ ‘That’s absurd,'” she says. “And I’m like, ‘No, I’m okay. Like, I can’t wait for my C-section. It’s gonna be fine. I was like, ‘No, we want to live.'”

Well if that isn’t the catch phrase for the anti-mom-shaming movement, I don’t know what is. “We want to live.” Let moms give birth in a way that will keep them alive, let them feed their babies in whatever way keeps them alive, and just let them live their lives. Even if that means they sometimes go to the grocery store in their pajamas or indulge in extra screen time or do one of the countless other things strangers like to stick their noses in.

Moms want to live. They want their kids to live. So let them live.

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