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Surfer Bethany Hamilton’s Intense Pregnancy Workout Routine Reminds Everyone That Mothers Are Magical

Surfer Bethany Hamilton’s new video shows what mothers everywhere already know: mamas are magic, and there’s nothing they can’t do! On April 26, the Soul Surfer author shared a video of her rigorous pregnancy workout routine on her Instagram.

She shared the video with the caption reading, “Feels like the countdown has begun!!! About two months to go before baby comes! Trying to move when I can cause I feel so good during and after. Plus I want to be surfing strong with my children over the long haul! After baby comes I usually reallllly take it easy for the long term health of my body and so I can just enjoy and focus on baby. New born life has never felt easy for me, nursing is a lot and I will just say my newborns haven’t been ‘the easy going ones,’ so it requires full focus and rest. I’m not complaining just sharing my journey!”

She added, “I will say as an athletically driven human it’s hard to slow down and let my body rest. But I know it’s good for me… and I choose to do it! Here is some advice from me- Wherever we are in life – Movement fuels more movement – so take time to move and do something you enjoy! It’s good for you! And rest when you need it!”

The iconic surfer also stated where she got her look, saying, “Rocking @ripcurl_women adorable floral run swim surf collection! 💛🌻🌼”

In the video, we see Hamilton doing a series of workouts like balance, weights, and intense stretches all over her body while her husband Adam Dirks works out behind her. Now, working out is already so grueling when you have such rough exercises, but doing this while pregnant? This video proves that mothers are magical.

Hamilton met her husband Dirks through mutual friends in 2012, later marrying on Aug 18, 2013. Since then, they’ve welcomed three sons named Tobias, 7, Wesley, 4, and Micah, 2. Hamilton revealed on March 13 through her Instagram that their family would be growing again into a family of six!

In a previous interview with DailyMail, Hamilton revealed how she planned to talk about the incident, where a shark bit off her arm, to her son. “I’m so excited to tell my son about my accident, as he will see how I’m not your typical mom. As soon as he’s old enough, I’m going to explain how I ended up with one arm, but then tell him life got even better because of what happened to me,” she said. “I want to show him a shark might have bitten off my arm, but that doesn’t stop you in life. It just makes you even more determined and stronger.”

Disclaimer: If you are pregnant and want to do rigorous exercises, please check with your doctor to see which exercises would be best for you.

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