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HGTV Star Jasmine Roth’s Video of Her Giving Her Daughter Hazel a Magical Birthday Surprise Is Too Sweet to Miss

When you’re planning a trip to Disney as a parent, you can’t wait to see the look of wonder on your kids’ face. Every parent can’t wait to take their kids to the most magical place on Earth, and for her daughter’s third birthday HGTV’s Jasmine Roth is going all out by surprising her daughter!

On April 20, the Hidden Potential star shared an extremely heartwarming update on her daughter Hazel’s 3rd birthday celebration. She shared the video of her surprising her daughter with the caption reading, “Can’t wait for tomorrow. My baby is turning 3. How is that even possible? Going to build our happy at the happiest place on earth. 🏰☀️🎂 @brettrothofficial @hazelrothofficial — #MyWholeHeart #BuildYourHappy #RothFamilyStory”

In the video, we see the House Story author talking to her daughter Hazel (who looks so adorable in her pink and white striped PJ set!) She asks her, “Do you wanna know what your surprise is?” Hazel adorably says, “I don’t know!” But then her papa Brett Roth clarifies, “Do you want to know?” Finally, Hazel reveals she wants to know, so Jasmine says, “Tomorrow is your third birthday, and Mom and Dad and Hazel are going to Disneyland!”

Hazel adorably cheers, saying, “Yes!” and lists off everyone who lives at Disneyland, like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Baby Yoda.

The Roths originally met while studying entrepreneurship at Northeastern University in Boston, later marrying in 2013. They later welcomed their daughter Hazel Lynn Roth, 3, on April 21, 2020.

Happy belated birthday Hazel! We hope the family’s Disney day was as magical as can be!

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